Instant Burger - Hamburgers in 25 seconds

img_burgerThe Instant Burger's® Patented Direct Energy Transfer® cooks up to 200 juicy and delicious hamburgers an hour. It cooks the fat calories out of the meat but leaves the natural juices in to give a fresh cooked, non-fried, low carb hamburger. It is small and compact. It requires no hoods (local codes prevail). Unlike a grill, it requires no preheating, nor does it cost you for energy while sitting idle. With today's high-energy bill, every penny counts. You make more money on every hamburger. The Instant Burger's unique process produces two juicy and delicious hamburgers in 25 seconds at a temperature of at least 180 F. It is safe and easy to clean. Click on Instant Burger for more information.


Bar-B-Q Boss - Serve succulent smoked ribs in about an hour meat2

The Bar-B-Q Boss® uses pressure to add a delicious smoky flavor to all meats and many vegetables. This user-friendly unit operates under pressure to make meats that are not greasy, but are delicious, tender, and juicy. It will make a rib that the meat will fall off the bone. It will make briskets that you can punch your finger through. Chickens and turkeys are so juicy the meat melts in your mouth. The moisture gives all meats longer holding power, up to 7 days in the refrigerator. The Bar-B-Q Boss cooks the fat calories out of the meat but leaves the natural juices in to give a fresh cooked, low carb product. It uses genuine wood to smoke under pressure right inside the kitchen. It does this without requiring a hood in many places (local codes prevail). No need to cook outdoors to get that old fashioned flavor. Pressure makes it fast and it can produce up to 600 pounds in 10 hours. Pressure causes the smoke to penetrate all through the meat and not just on the surface. Click on the Bar-B-Q Boss to find out more information.

You can now get into the hamburger or Bar-B-Q business completely. Smokaroma has spices, sauce mix, wood chips, merchandising, point of sale material and a global network of trained personnel to help you.

 Our products include:

  • Bar-B-Q Boss®
  • Instant Burger's®
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Bar-B-Q Boss® Rubs and Sauces


Bar-B-Q Boss®

Give your customers the variety they demand and a flavor they'll keep coming back for!








Expand your menu! Boost your sales! Versatility for any size establishment!

  • Smoked chicken with onion rings and smoked potato salad
  • Barbeque ribs with barbeque beans and coleslaw.
  • Smoked turkey breast with cranberries and rice pilaf.
  • Read our FAQ's »

Grow your Deli Business with tantalizing smoked items!

Smoked chicken, barbeque ribs with smoked kielbasa, smoked brisket with smoked potatoes, BBQ Boss® beans made from rib drippings, Smoked fried chicken with smoked corn.


About an hour to perfection!

  • Hickory or Mesquite wood chips put into charring cup (no liquid concoctions or artificial smoke)
  • Meat is seasoned with The Boss's special one step prep and placed on rack top is clamped in place and timer set. No skilled labor is needed. The Boss needs no attention during cooking cycle.
  • During the cooking process, moisture from the meat creates pressure which drives the smoke all through the meat. At the same time, the meat is cooked and browned.
  • Delicious tender 'n juicy barbeque is removed from the cooker.
  • Barbeque is prepared for serving.

Get more from the boss!

The boss has one of the most comprehensive merchandising and promotional programs available, including special recipes, window banners, video tapes, menu clips and table tent cards, plus radio commercials and newspaper ads. All that, and no franchise fee!


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Instant Burgers®

Burgers, Hot Dogs, Sausage Patties, Chicken Fillets - in 25 Seconds


The Fastest Fast Food System. Make sandwiches as fast as you can prep the buns!

  • No cooking oils needed.
  • Normally no hood or venting needed (local codes prevail).
  • No cooking skills needed, cooks automatically.
  • Cooks out calorie laden fat but retains the delicious natural juices.
  • Read our FAQ's »

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It's as easy as 1-2-3
instantburger_step1 instantburger_step2
Turn the power on. Set the control for level of doneness. Place ground meat or chicken breast filets on cooking plate. Close lid; push the start button.
instantburger_step3 instantburger_step4
In 25 seconds, you remove delicious and juicy patties from cooking plate. Burgers are ready as fast as you can prep the buns and fixins!

Bar-B-Q Boss® FAQ's

Before purchasing any type of barbeque equipment, you should consider these important points.

Why do I need special equipment to make barbeque? Can't I just add sauce and put it on the grill?
Not if you want repeat customers. The award winning taste and tenderness brings them back for more!
Isn't real hickory or mesquite barbeque a hassle to produce and require lots of time and wood?
NO! With the Boss only a handfull of wood chips are required and the cooker is automatic. You smoke only the meat.
Real wood smoking barbeque takes lots of time doesn't it?
NO! Not anymore with the BOSS. You set the timer and forget it. No more watching, turning and basting, it's all automatic!
Why do you use pressure with smoking barbeque?
The moist heat, under pressure, insures tenderness. The meat cooks in it's own natural juices and the pressure drives the hickory or mesquite flavor through the meat for an unsurpassed flavor. Exposure to hours of dry heat results in a hard, dry, and crusty product.
Is there adequate instruction on The Boss and will supplies be readily available?
YES! The Boss has a nation-wide network of factory trained specialists to provide complete instruction. Our specialists will help you select the right meat and help with preparation and serving methods. Supplies and service is always available in your area!

Instant Burger® FAQ's

Before purchasing a grill or other or other conventional cooking equipment, you should consider these important points.

Can I cook hamburgers without a grill?
YES! The Instant Burger cooks with a "Direct Energy Transfer" system. No grill is necessary and cooks burgers in 25 seconds.
"Direct Energy Transfer" What is that?
The Greatest innovation since the hamburger! It transfers the energy directly through the meat, cooking the meat to over 180°. The cooking process takes place inside the meat.
What are the installation costs?
None! the Instant Burger is portable and takes only 23" x 16" of counter space on a 30 amp dedicated circuit.
With no installation costs do I need a venting system or expensive hood?
NO! the cooking plates do not get over 200° F. Therefore, no grease is burned and no vapors or smoke is emitted into the air. Please check your local codes.
Do I need to hire a cook or someone with cooking skills?
NO! the Instant Burger automatically cooks each item and will not burn the meat. This eliminates human error and wasted time because your employee can do other things during the cooking process.
Can the Instant Burger cook other entrees?
YES! Chicken filets, Cajun flavored chicken filet, hamburger steak, fresh ground pork steaks, turkey patties, hot dogs, and sausages to name a few. Enhance your menu with delicious and healthy entrees all on the Instant Burger!