Bar-B-Q Boss® FAQ's

Before purchasing any type of barbeque equipment, you should consider these important points.

Why do I need special equipment to make barbeque? Can't I just add sauce and put it on the grill?
Not if you want repeat customers. The award winning taste and tenderness brings them back for more!
Isn't real hickory or mesquite barbeque a hassle to produce and require lots of time and wood?
NO! With the Boss only a handfull of wood chips are required and the cooker is automatic. You smoke only the meat.
Real wood smoking barbeque takes lots of time doesn't it?
NO! Not anymore with the BOSS. You set the timer and forget it. No more watching, turning and basting, it's all automatic!
Why do you use pressure with smoking barbeque?
The moist heat, under pressure, insures tenderness. The meat cooks in it's own natural juices and the pressure drives the hickory or mesquite flavor through the meat for an unsurpassed flavor. Exposure to hours of dry heat results in a hard, dry, and crusty product.
Is there adequate instruction on The Boss and will supplies be readily available?
YES! The Boss has a nation-wide network of factory trained specialists to provide complete instruction. Our specialists will help you select the right meat and help with preparation and serving methods. Supplies and service is always available in your area!