Spice & Sauce

Bar-B-Que Boss Sauce, Award winning, out of 150 BBQ Sauces

Enhance your menu with a Barbeque Sauce that will keep customers coming back for more.


Bar-B-Que Boss Sauce Mix is a dry mix of choice ingredients. One convenient pre-measured package mixed with a number ten can of your favorite catsup and water makes one and one eighth gallon of Award Winning barbeque sauce your customers will love over and over again.

  • Many barbeque connoisseurs claim this sauce is the best they have ever tasted...your customers will too!
  • This superior sauce saves you money because it costs less than most leading brands.
  • Because it is a concentrated dry mix, it saves space, freight and can be stored indefinitely.


Great for Bar-B-Que, Hamburgers, Fish and Poultry, etc. Adds a delicious flavor to meats, fish, poultry, vegetables and other items. It's particularly excellent for barbeque, hamburgers, steaks and chops.

  • This unique blend of spices can be put on items in one easy step, without any additional seasonings.
  • Red Rub is formulated especially for poultry and fish, and also has a milder flavor with an appetizing color.