Adding Instant Burger® to your operation makes you an instant restaurant. Because Instant Burger’s® Patented Direct Energy Transfer® can cook up to an astounding 200 juicy hamburgers an hour.

Not only that, but unlike conventional grills, griddles and ovens that cooks burgers on the outside, Instant Burger heats from the inside out, cooking fat calories out of the meat but leaving the natural juices in to result in a fresh cooked hamburger.

Perfect for smaller kitchens or countertops, Instant Burger is small and compact, measuring in at only 16" by 23". It works with only a 120 volt, 30 amp dedicated electrical circuit so there’s no complicated wiring needed.


There’s really no cooking experience needed, and training is extremely simple. Because of its unique cooking process, meat can’t burn and there doesn’t need to be continuous supervision, which frees employees to perform additional tasks during the cooking process. What’s more, there are minimal to no accessories needed and it does not require a hood to use, which makes it ideal for operations that want to get into foodservice.


Both fresh ground beef and pre-formed patties can be cooked in the Instant Burger unit. Instant Burger can also produce mouth-watering hot dogs, chicken fillets, sausage, ground pork steaks and turkey patties.


Almost any food can be cooked in less than a minute with
no need for pre-cooking.  This reduces human error, as well as end-of-day waste, and ensures a consistent product every time.


Easy cleanup can be conducted immediately after use with no waiting for the plates to cool. This minimizes risk of cross contamination.


Adding Instant Burger to your operation is the convenient way to satisfy your customers with just about everyone’s favorite meal. With amazingly quick cooking times and virtually no waste, Instant Burger cooks up happy guests and bigger profits for you.

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