As soon as they walk in, and they’re hit with that irresistible BBQ aroma, customers will be hooked. With the Smokaroma Pressure Smoker, you can offer BBQ lovers real smoked foods year-round quickly and conveniently.

This amazing smoker combines unique pressure cooking with smoking so you can cook up to 45 pounds of product in just under an hour. The Smokaroma Pressure Smoker helps you create a variety of tender and juicy smoked foods that expands your menu and builds your business.

Compared to costly traditional pits that require constant attention, Smokaroma eliminates the need for continuous turning and basting to save both time and labor. And while regular smoking dries meat, pressure smoking locks in the juices and can reduce product shrinkage by up to 40% or more.


With the Smokaroma Pressure Smoker, you’ll be able to have delicious BBQ ready to go quickly and easily. In less than 45 minutes, it can produce up to 45 pounds of crowd-pleasing smoked meats and other foods.


Smokes a wide variety of meats, from pork to chicken to beef, as well as creates side dishes like smoked veggies, appetizers and small plates featuring a variety of smoked cheeses, and even tasty smoked fish like salmon, trout and haddock.


Ability to hot smoke or “cold” smoke food products. In hot smoke mode, the main elements will provide heat along with the wood smoking element. In “cold” smoke mode, only the wood smoking element
will heat.


Any type of wood chips can be used to create your own flavor profile, including mesquite, hickory, pecan, cherry, etc, and each cook
cycle uses less than 3 ounces of chips.
A specially formulated line of complementing condiments is also available.


Occupies only a small footprint in your kitchen, and its casters provide you with additional mobility.


Fast and easy operation increases productivity. No watching, basting or turning required. Unit features an auto shut-off after the cook cycle is complete.


When you add a Smokaroma Pressure Smoker to your operation, you’re offering a variety of great-tasting smoked favorites that BBQ lovers can’t resist. You also attract those customers who seek healthier alternatives, as smoking adds flavor rather than calories which are prevalent in some other foods.

To learn more about adding the Smokaroma Pressure Smoker to your operation, or to locate your local distributor contact us at 1.800.365.8278.

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